Managing Servers, Clients, & More with Project Honolulu

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Session Summary

Speaker: Mike Nelson, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Azure Advisor, Citrix CTP, VMware vExpert

The days of remote management via a client-side application are numbered. Microsoft is rolling out their new on-premises management solution, currently called Project Honolulu, and it is public preview today. This solution will allow for the management of Servers, Clients, Services, and even 3rd party applications. It will also have in the future direct linkage to Microsoft’s Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS). In this session, we will look at how to install, configure, and work with Honolulu, as well as look at how it might integrate with OMS.

About the speaker: “My career in technology spans almost three decades, involving a vast array of technologies and solutions in management and technical roles I have been honored to receive the Microsoft MVP award for Cloud and Datacenter Management, as well as being placed as a Microsoft Azure Advisor. I am also a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), and In addition, a VMware vExpert award from VMware as well as a VMware User Group (VMUG) Leader for his state. Personally, I love to mentor people interested in technology, and give presentations around the knowledge that I have and want to share. I am always striving to learn more every day. I live in the Midwest US with my wife and two sons, and I enjoy spending as much time as possible with them, traveling the world, and playing with gadgets.”