Expand your network and professional presence by participating locally, regionally or nationally as a volunteer leader. Our Chapter is always looking for individuals who wish to be more involved. We have a number of committees that cover a variety of areas in our Chapter. Committee meetings are very laid back and offer a chance to relax while still working towards the committee's goal.

Want to find out what it's all about? Contact the leader of the committee you are interested in by clicking the link for them below. Let them know you'd like to join them at their next meeting to see if it's something you would like to be involved in.

Growth Strategy Committee

Leader: Vice President

Goal: To grow our membership and retain current members through new and innovative ideas

Meets: 1 hour monthly


Membership Committee

Leader: Membership Director

Goal: To reach out to members for renewals, potential members to answer questions or encourage them to attend an event, and track membership for our chapter and affiliated student chapters

Meets: 1 hour monthly


Event Committees
• Technology Conference Committee

Leader: Events Management Director

Goal: To plan the 2016 Fall Technology Conference

Meets: 1 hour monthly, twice a month in August & September


• Golf Outing Committee

Leader: Events Management Director

Goal: To plan the Sherry Anklam Memorial Golf Outing including obtaining sponsors and promoting to golfers

Meets: 1 hour monthly January - May, twice a month in June & July, and 1 hour again in August & November

• Programs Committee

Leader: Event Programs Director

Goal: To compile a list of potential speakers and schedule speakers for monthly events, assisting in conference breakout speaker scheduling

Meets: 1 hour in 2-3 times per year or more often as needed

• Past Presidents/History Night Committee

Leaders: Past President & Event Programs Director

Goal: To invite Past Presidents of NEW AITP to the May dinner meeting, plan any special content and schedule a speaker for the evening

Meets: 1 hour in March & April

Publicity Committee

Leader: Publicity Director

Goal: To publicize our Chapter by gathering information and sharing it with our membership or the media

Meets: 1 hour monthly

Student Relations Committee

Leader: Vice President

Goal: To stay in touch with our affiliated Student Chapters to learn of any news from them or that we are providing to them. Also sending support where needed (such as providing speakers for student chapter meetings)

Meets: 1 hour as needed


Sponsorship Committee

Leader: Sponsorship Director

Goal: To obtain sponsors for our chapter and meeting events, also assisting in sponsorship for the conference and golf outing

Meets: Every other month, 1 hour


Awards Committee

Leader: Awards Director

Goal: To gather and assess all IPA forms and submit required documents for COPA awards

Meets: 1-2 hours in the Spring (January - April)


By-laws Committee

Leader: Past President

Goal: To review our Chapter By-laws and update them for Board review and voting as needed

Meets: 1-4 hours once a year or every other year


Audit Committee

Leader: President

Goal: To review the Chapter financials

Meets: 1-2 hours once a year