The strength of AITP lies within our local Chapters. Membership in AITP is comprised of national dues plus a local chapter dues. Individuals who wish to join a local chapter must select the chapter most convenient to your geographical location. Each chapter sponsors it's own programs and activities and is supported by a Region leadership as well as the AITP National Organization.

By joining AITP, you become part of a strong network of IT business professionals, have access to empowering resources and opportunities, and are positioned to achieve your professional goals. We recommend that you submit your application online to expedite your membership. See below for the classes of membership available.

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Classes of Professional Membership
Professional Members

Individuals who are or have been employed in the management of information resources including, but not limited to, managers, staff, sales, service providers, and educators shall be eligible to become Professional Members of the Association. Professional membership dues have national, chapter and some region dues. Each professional pays $50 to the NE Wisconsin Chapter as a member of that chapter.


Senior Members

Senior Membership is available to qualifying existing members, and is not available for new members.

Senior Membership may be granted to those active members who become totally disabled, who retire at age 60 or later, or who retire prior to age 60 upon reaching the age of 60. Such persons must have ten years of membership in the Association, with five consecutive years being immediately prior to the date of disablement or retirement. Annual dues for Seniors are one‑half of the Association dues plus one‑half of chapter dues (rounded to the nearest dollar), payable by the individual.

Members interested in the Senior Membership discount should contact the NEW AITP Membership Director.


Membership Discounts
Faculty Advisor Membership Incentive

The Faculty Advisor Membership Incentive provides a $35 reduction in dues off the regular association professional dues. The member is still responsible for individual chapter dues.

To be eligible for this discount individuals must:

• Be employed as a full-time faculty member at an educational institution where a Student Chapter has been chartered and agree to serve as the Faculty Advisor to the Student Chapter for the year.

• Provide documentation from their academic supervisor (principal, department chair, dean, etc.) that they are currently employed and in good standing with the educational institution.

• Provide documentation from the sponsoring Professional Chapter President that they have agreed to serve as Faculty Advisor to a Student Chapter.

• Join the student chapter's sponsoring professional chapter and pay the applicable association and chapter dues.

This discount is limited to one advisor per student chapter.  To apply for the discount, fill our application at AITP Faculty Advisor Discount. Once approved, the applicant will be given a discount code to be used when the applicant joins on-line or when existing members renew online.  For more information, contact our Membership Director.


Graduating Students Free Year of Professional Membership

Current AITP Student Members graduating in 2015 are eligible for one (1) free year of professional membership. To apply for your free year of membership please use the free year application form. To complete the form, you will be required to upload proof of graduation. Proof can include a copy of your diploma, a copy of your transcript, or a letter from your faculty advisor. You must be a current, paid AITP student member to be eligible for the discount.