About Us

When businesses need help with technology, they call their IT support department. So where does IT turn when they need support? NEW AITP!

A unique combination of education, information, and recreation, NEW AITP offers area IT professionals, teachers, and students a source of support to help keep up with the dynamic field of information technology.

NEW AITP is the place to find information about new technologies, solutions for existing IT challenges, and opportunities to interact with other area IT professionals.

NEW AITP gives members unparalleled access to a growing network of resources that helps members from throughout the IT field maintain their competitive edge.

•  Networking - meetings, conferences, and social events to help you create lasting connections throughout the IT field.
•  Education - technical presentations from industry experts.
•  Assistance - ideas and advice from other IT professionals.
•  Job Opportunities - IT positions you won't find anywhere else.
•  Mentorship - career guidance for IT students & graduates.
•  Fun - relaxed social activities and outings.

Discover the NEW AITP - the IT professional's resource for education and assistance (and fun).


Start building your network and see how NEW AITP can support YOU!