Jay Brown from Marco presenting “Print Security: Safeguarding against Cyber Threats”

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Session Summary: 

When most people think about network security, they think firewalls, not printers. But, in fact, your printers may be exposing your organization to a host of risks. Like any other end point in your network, printers have memory, processors and operating systems. Without the proper safeguards, you’re vulnerable and don’t even know it!

Jay’s presentation will discuss this area of security few organizations address. He’ll explain the risks, why most organizations bypass the time-consuming task of safeguarding their printers, and ways in which you can assess your risks and provide security monitoring and compliance across your entire fleet with solutions that are automated, efficient and game-changing.


Jay Brown, CISSP, joined Marco in 2019 and is currently the leader of the Print Security Practice where he specializes in print fleet security management.  He is experienced in financial IT regulations, healthcare regulations, government frameworks and industry frameworks and standards including COBIT5 and ISO 27000. His unique combination of technical and business-related skills allows him to provide a holistic view into IT governance and security systems.

Schedule of Events:

5:00 pm  –  Registration & Social Networking
6:00 pm  –  Dinner
6:40 pm  –  Chapter News and Announcements
7:00 pm  –  Speaker Presentation – Print Security, by Jay Brown
8:05 pm  –  Closing Comment


Members: $15

Guests: $25

Students: $10

Note: Tickets for this event can be bought through the Eventbrite page or in-person at the door.


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