Reduce meeting time! Understanding 3 Facilitation Skill Principles and a Meeting Purpose Statemen

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Session Summary:

Mark Swiderski will lead a discussion on “Reduce meeting time! Understanding 3 Facilitation Skill Principles and a Meeting Purpose Statement”

Overview and Learning Objectives

Quick, think about the worst meeting that you have ever been a part of. What does it look like? Common problems are; no meeting purpose, no one in charge, too many in charge, lots of talk but no decisions, and nothing written down. Another hour of my life I will never get back. Stop it! For most people, improving facilitation skills leads to a 5-20% productivity increase.

If you are attending these types of “no value/low value” meetings, use these principles to make things better, or consider not going. If you are leading these types of meetings, it’s time for a change. This discussion will give you a new perspective on meeting efficiency and productivity. It starts with the meeting preparation and a good purpose statement. We will help you to understand what a good purpose statement achieves and why all meetings need to be driven by the purpose statement. Paraphrasing Patrick Henry, “give us productivity or kill the meeting”!

Learning Objectives:

1. To be able to discuss the three core facilitation skill principles

2. To be able to demonstrate how to write a meeting purpose statement

3. To be able to discuss personal areas for growth and improvement in facilitation skills


Mark Swiderski is the founder of Praxilient.  His company assists organizations from $10m to $77B improve their speed to market, streamline operations, gain measured improvements, reduce risk, and gain clear aligned organizational performance by improving operations and project performance.

 Mark has 35+ years business experience, with 25+ years of helping companies achieve their goals through the skills of people, improved methods, and helps individuals grow their capabilities at all levels.  He is a global expert, author, and lecturer in the deployment of improved project management and operations performance.  Mark is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).   He received his M.B.A. from DePaul University.

 Mark has worked for a wide variety of industries and functional areas from banking, utilities, manufacturing, and healthcare to professional sports.  He has participated or led teams that delivered more than $2B in project scope.  His organization has trained, coached, or developed more than 10,000 people from Functional Teams to Chief Executive Officers across the globe.

Schedule of Events:

4:00pm: Chapter News and Intros
4:10pm: Mark Swiderski’s presentation with Q&A
5:00pm: Closing Comments
5:05pm: Virtual Happy Hour

Free to all interested!

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