Enter the world of DevOps!

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Session Summary

Speaker: Jason Poquette

IT is being asked to deliver faster with higher quality to meet ever increasing business initiatives. At the same time, it is difficult to add more resources to accomplish the added work load. Enter the world of DevOps!

In this interactive session we’ll explore:

  • What Jewelers Mutual initially identified as road blocks to being able to deliver systems quicker and more reliable.
  • How we changed the culture to accomplish eliminating these road blocks.
  • How we failed after our initial success.
  • Where we evolved to today.
  • Where we are going in the future.

The goal of this discussion is to provide you with actionable items to take back to your organization to begin/strengthen your DevOps journey.

About Jason

Jason Poquette has been in the IT industry for 20 years. In this time, he has served in many different roles, but still identifies himself as a developer (even though he hasn’t slung code in many, many years). As time passed, he found interest in how the different disciplines in IT often don’t work toward a common goal, and sometimes work against each other. This naturally caused him to gravitate toward the DevOps area and automation. He currently leads the DevOps and Quality Engineering practices Jeweler Mutual.