The Agile Enterprise – Taking Agility to the Next Level

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Session Summary

Speaker: Jeff Melendy

We’ve all heard of Scrum and the standups, demos, and retros. We know that the development team works in sprints and they deliver completed work. They need user stories and they create stuff. Woohoo!! You are agile!! Well, the development team is agile. Let’s take agility to the next level, and dive into what an agile organization looks like.

We’ll explore things like:

  • What agile means.
  • Why would an organization be agile?
  • How to fail and be successful.
  • Delivering value to your customers.

There is no “recipe” to follow to become an agile organization, if you follow one, you may just fail. At the end of this, you will have the tools to take with you to embrace agility within your organization and create your own recipe. Experiments to try and ways to fail small and early on your way to delivering value to your customer.

About Jeff:

Jeff Melendy has been in software development for 25 years. He started slinging code with Fox Pro for DOS and Visual Basic 3.0 in the mid 90’s. And this is where he started practicing iterative development and would deploy to production once a week. For the past 20 years, Jeff has been developing commercial software and as recently as 6 years ago moved away from writing code and into developing and managing an agile development team that has been at 90+ people on the team. Jeff was a leader in growing the agile practice from just two people all the way through into 90+ and scaling back to about 35 currently.