Well Wishes for John Council

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Greetings Members and Friends of the Northeast Wisconsin chapter of AITP.

As most of you know, the month of May is when our membership takes time to honor the NEW Chapter Past Presidents for their contributions of time, leadership, and dedication to our organization. At this time, I am asking you to make extra effort this month to reach out to our Past President John Council.  For those of you unaware, John is currently battling health issues and has given me permission to share some information with you.

John has served AITP in many capacities and at many levels over the years. In 1990 he was our chapter president. AITP is John’s second family and he would love to hear messages of well wishes and hope from his AITP family. Please feel free to contact John through one of the methods listed below. Also, feel free to reply to this blog post with your wishes.

John is currently residing at:

Heritage Peabody Manor Community: Cherry Meadows
2600 South Heritage Woods Drive
Appleton, WI 54915


Thank you,

–Jay Esty–
President 2016-17, NEW AITP


4 thoughts on “Well Wishes for John Council

  1. John, you’ve been the rock our chapter has leaned on for many years. Here’s hoping we (your chapter) can provide similar support for you during this challenging time in your life. Prayers for healing so you can enjoy your cottage again this summer!

  2. When I first got to know John “back when” and encouraged him to get involved in leadership positions in our chapter, then the region, and finally, at the national level, I was always worried that John, being the “super nice guy” he is, would not be able to handle the stressful, (shall we call them “personality conflicts–grin) situations that were bound to come up. Well, John handled them all in stride and his ‘management style’ of respecting everybody’s opinion and hearing people out when they disagreed was just right for the times.
    And as a result, he became one of the most effective leaders we have ever had.

    And when “push came to shove”, I saw John make the tough decisions and get the job done–and he did it so smoothly that, when the dust settled, nobody was mad at anybody (grin–he should have been a politician)

    God bless you John and hang in there–you are still tops on my prayer list.

    Your buddy,

    Larry Schmitz

  3. John,
    I hope things are going well, I will pray for your improved health.

    Kevin Kons

  4. John always supports and encourages others and asks nothing in return. He has given tirelessly to the IT community and AITP locally, regionally and nationally for many years. The entire IT community now shares its support and encouragement to you and only asks in return that you get better and join us again soon.
    Steve Kruegere

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